Solar BI Alpha release

Solar BI Alpha release

G’day folks!

I’m Oscar Omegna, and I’m part of the founding team at SolarBI, I’m excited to introduce you to our Alpha release, what we are up to and how can you give it a go!

First thing first, who are we?

We are a team of engineers and developers based in Melbourne & Torquay.
Passionates about moving the energy tech to a new horizon.

In the last 3 years, we have to build advance backend infrastructure to support energy management, energy efficiency and procurement that powers SavvyBI 2.0 (3.0 soon)

Another solar tool for consultants? Nah

We found Solar Data it’s a drag!

Let me take you back to our experience, solar data analytics is either too much or not enough, so you need to slice it, analyse it, loaded and transform it. Yuk!

So we set out to develop a holistic approach for commercial solar installations.

We think it is the right time to support Australian solar projects without having to go through consultants, advisor or expensive software.

So we start with an Alpha release, what is it?

Larger Search

The Bureau of Meteorology collects tonnes of data, one of the most overlooked sets is historical solar irradiance. Because it is dense, hard to read and need some firepower to make it fast.

Quick Results

We use this Data (30+ years every hour) and give you a simple address search. So you find the location do a quick search or select the time range and the granularity and voila an excellent site analysis. (CSV export example).

That’s not where we stop, SolarBI it’s simple but powerful and where we are heading is terrific!

So you know the site and have the irradiance just like you like it, in the next few months we will be adding some awesome things.

Won’t bore you with all the details so how about a good old fashion list:

  • Build Your own simulations
    • Weather simulations 
    • Site Level
      • Solar PV generation (& simulations) 
      • Demand simulations
      • Battery simulation & optimisations
    • NEM Level 
      • Wind farm generation simulations
      • Solar farm generation simulations 
      • Demand Simulations 
  • Price forecast 
    • Spot Price 
    • Forward Price 
    • Feed-in Price

Nice huh!

SolarBI and SavvyBI are brothers from another mother.

Ok let me explain, both are in energy, so they have the same father, but the core data is different (yes Data is the mother) get it now?

SolarBI mum is solar irradiance, and SavvyBI mum is meter data.
Some of the services that SavvyBI tights into Solar are (yes another list):

  • Financial
    • Cost Breakdown
    • Savings tracker
    • Tariff Determination
    • Sensitivity Cost Calculator 
    • Budget Overview 
    • Site Highlights
  • Consumption
    • Weather Impact
    • Geo Site Map
    • Consumption Viewer 
    • Demand Analyser 
  • Sustainability
    • NGER Reporting 
      • Vehicle Use
      • Air Travel
      • Taxi travel
      • Custom scopes

Ok, that’s a lot! but I promise it looks simple and all under one login, I’m pretty sure that if the Beatles would still be jamming, they would change the lyrics form all you need is love to all you need is “Solar & Savvy BI” 😉

Why, Alpha release?

As you may get by now, we love Data, we really do. So our Alpha release is to collect your feedback and understand your needs. We want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly about SolarBI.

How to do you join?

3 simple options

  • For the shy, Sign Up and get a 14-day trial (no CC required)
  • For the adventurous, fill this fun and straightforward form and let’s have a 90-second call (I promise I will clock it) and get $150AUD Sign Up form. You can use for any of our plans.
  • For High Rollers, Sign Up and upgrade to a paid plan, hey if you find value for your business in our Alpha, it is tax-deductible 🙂 .

So there you have it, this is our Alpha release, and we are happy you stop by.

Speak soon!
Oscar Omegna

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