We are now offering our insightful and engaging Australian Energy Market Report featuring extensive and informed analytics, commentary and market insights delivered by our team.  Our team's experience dates back to when deregulation first commenced in mid-1990's.

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For personal use only.

  • Monthly Market Report
  • Single user access
  • Access to free weekly posts
  • Instant access upon sign-up
  • Payment by Credit Card



For organisations and companies who have a general interest in the energy market.

  • Monthly Market Report
  • 15 users included
  • Access to free weekly posts
  • Payment by invoice



For Professional Energy Organisations such as companies who are Wholesale Market Participants, Investors, Developers, Advisors and Brokers.

  • Monthly Market Report
  • 20 users included
  • Access to free weekly posts
  • Payment by invoice

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have a sample Market Report I can look at?
We sure do, check out our March Energy Market Report.

Is GST included in the subscription plan?
Yep, all subscription plans are inclusive of GST.

How do you check the validity of my chosen Subscription Plan?
We may know you already! Though if we're unsure of who you are, we'll reach out and double check.  We don't want to start a battle here, we just want everyone to be fair and reasonable, we promise we will!

Can I pay by invoice?
For Observer and Professional plans, payment is by invoice only.  For Personal plans, payment is only by credit card.

I'm an educational institution or not-for-profit, are discounts available?
We try and accommodate the needs of everyone so please contact us and I'm sure we can work something out!

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